I LOVE (scamming) YOU - Pt 2


(For those of you who have not yet read my last post, "I LOVE (scamming) YOU - Pt 1" please read it first or you will have no idea what am i blabbering about in this post! )

After many agonizing hours waiting for my "Love" to reply me,
finally i received an email from her!

"Dear Sweet-Heart

How was your night and I hope you are doing well.
Honey, I think of you day and night. Deep in my heart I know that our Love is here to stay. I am sending you all my love to show you how much I care for you.. Dear I have just send an e-mail to the Bank to formally introduce you to them as my foreign Partner/Representative. You can now contact where the money is deposited through this e-mail address:


( habibbankag@inMail24.com ) or ( habibbankag@gmail.com )

TELEPHONE NUMBER : +44703183796
ACCOUNT NUMBER 4348300077421

When contact him, tell him that you're my foreign partner and that you want to assist me transfer SIX Million Eight Hundred Thousand British Pounds deposited by my late father of which I'm the next of kin Darling Keven wood is Senior office he is the one in position to tell us what to do to get this transfer done. My trusting you is an act of faith and it is the will of God. Secondly, I believe knowing you will bring my hope back again in my life days. Darling my contact to you is a miraculous thing that it never happened to me, although I am in praying and fasting, asking God to grant my heart desire, someone who will never betray me at last, some one who is not money conscious, but he is competent in what he have and that is due for him. My contact to you is not by mere of thought or coincident, it's will of God. He knows the inner heart of man kind, He is a loving God.

Please Dear, I want you to contact the Bank today because I want to leave this camp; the sufferings are becoming too much for me to bear and am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thanks and GOD bless you.

With love from,

Wow, she is FAST.

Either my "profile" somewhere has done a really good job at convincing her that i'm the love of her life
The hard years in the refugee camp have made her lose her mind over a handsome but cashless undergraduate student like me
It is just really a scam (Duh!).

And the more i looked at the message, the more i feel that the person behind this message is not a human at all but rather a machine that churns out automated response whenever there is a reply.

She did not even mention or ask anything about my job or even more details about myself!

And saying how much she love me and thinking about me.

It's surprising how someone still can be duped by such obvious scams. Well of course, we could not let the game stop here right?
So here's my reply:


Sometimes i wonder if you really have read my email. In my last email i think i asked you about the amount of money i need to prepare first as i'm afraid of these big bully banks cheating me. I have been cheated once by banks and i'm afraid it will repeat again. Once you have tell me the amount of money i need to transfer, rest assured that i will immediately contact the bank to transact the money.

And honey, i would appreciate it if you could send some more pictures of yourself to help me remind of you day and night. Thanks.

Please hang on honey, i will do my best to make sure that our destinies as lover will be fulfilled."

I'm beginning to enjoy this more and more. XD

to be continued....



  1. Is this ur psycho game? Or you are planning to change field into writer? Ur replies really tak boleh tahan le!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to part 3 :)

  3. hahahaha.....its like a drama series!!!!

  4. can't wait for that part 3..

  5. hahahahaahha. cher hong, you're good. LOL. ur reply sounded really cheesy. hahahahha


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