Write, write, write!


I think i'm going to apply to become a writer!
I've been going through my campus magazines just now and from the way i see it, its just like blogging out your thoughts. Except its on paper, that is.

You have articles mentioning about zombies, where to get nice clothes, rantings, some gossip about the latest on campus scandal and the things you would normally find in blogs around the internet.

So why not?
I basically have too much time on my hands and being a writer can also look good for my resume.
I do not have to squeeze my brains out too just to think of a topic to write about.
The editor will worry about that (i think).

Besides, this activity does not require me to perform immensely difficult tasks like trying to get a ball into a goal post, sing a C-sharp note or staying up late until the night which a nerd like me could find it very hard to accomplish.

Guess my application would be something like this:
"Hi, my name's Luke and i love to write. My prior experience? No, no i never wrote in any major articles in newspaper or magazines. I have a blog though, does a blog count?
What i love to write about? Erm, girls?
I'm a guy, you see, so its perfectly normal right?...."

So, do you think i can make the cut?



  1. "I basically have too much time on my hands...."

  2. Go go go!! I believe you can~~
    Cuz I love to read your blog.. hehe

  3. You love to write eh... join publications?


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