Why, actually?

NOTE: I maybe writing this blog in a half-drunken state of mind, so forgive me if i said anything offensive, or you could just let me know.


I thought of updating my blog about Rag Day today but i guess i'll have to do it later as i just need to scream out something as a person would when they are drunk.

I just returned from a student lounge having taken part in an activity called the
"Drinking Game".

As the name suggests, you know what is that roughly about and i get to witness again the wonderful effects alcohol can do to someone.
(If you really want to know the "effects", 3 girls got really drunk with vomiting and stuff, and well, nothing really good comes after that really. You'll never know what will happen.)

Why do people drink actually?
When they know that by drinking, it takes away the 2 important aspects of us humans.
Our common sense and the sense of embarrassment.
(I think i said it before)

Is it because they want to prove something to their friends?

Or is it just pure evil motives?
(I should know this as i'm a guy and when a guy wants a girl to drink, deep inside, he harbours some secret desires that both you and i know without having me to mention here)

I, myself hates alcohol and also the people who promotes it.
Nothing good comes from it besides maybe having a good time yourself by standing with someone for one night (That is if you do not get HIV in the process).

From my point of view, people never made smart choices with it.
Have you ever heard of someone who brainstormed a fantastic idea when he/she was drunk?

I can't understand, really.
Can anyone tell me what good can you get from alcohol?
Not to mention the pre-activities like clubbing?



  1. nope, alcohol is pure stupidity! Don't join if you don't want!


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