Things That I have Learned in Singapore (Part 1)


1. NUS = National University of Stairs/Slopes

2. They sell condoms in the university book shop

3. Every pedestrian is a royalty when it comes to zebra crossing that do not have the traffic light

4. Jokes that worked in Malaysia do not necessary mean that it will work in Singapore

4. Singaporeans like tasteless or extremely over the taste (too salty) food compared to a typical Malaysian (especially if you're from Penang or Ipoh)... T.T

5. You can see a lot of drainage system (longkang) here as maybe Singapore is hotter, so less clothes is better. A haven for guys like me

6. Do not ever ever convert the cost of things to Malaysian Ringgit, you will die of hunger

7. INTERNET SPEED HERE ROCKS! At least 7 times faster than Streamyx!

8. Every drop of water here is mixed with Newater, the water that comes out from our bottom

9. Singapore is like a subsidiary of China, as everywhere you go you can see Chinese nationals

10. Singaporeans are nocturnal



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