Sleeeppppp zzzzz...


Scientist recently said that sleeping early is good for your health.
I'm also sure that most of us are very well aware of this fact that sleeping early is good for health.

I once thought that as university students, educated university students, that is, university students will know better than everyone else that sleeping early is vital for mental and physical health.

Which makes me wonder why everything is exactly the opposite since i arrive in uni.
And its not just Singapore uni anyway.
Take any uni in Malaysia and you'll have almost everyone staying up late til the night, ops i mean morning, as after 12am is considered morning, doing all sorts of things.

Maybe its because of peer pressure?
Of course you cannot be sleeping when all of your friends are busy DOTA-ing or chatting on MSN right?
That would like so leave you out of the social circle.
What's a few hours a sleep compared to spending some quality time shooting zombies with your best buddies?

Sigh, and for a guy who's mum chases him to sleep every night after 12 back at home, this could be quite a task for him to choose to stay awake after 12.
Which explains why i was mistaken for a panda that day and got hauled up to zoo.




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