Singapore Zoo Online Blog Tour Guide!

Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the online blog tour guide of our well known Singapore Zoo done by me, Mr Luke or as some of you now call me, Geylang Lily.

Today i'll be taking you on a FREE guide from the eyes of a handsome boy (which is very good of me to give you so) to Singapore Zoo just by using my blog!

So sit tight and enjoy your journey as what you're about to see is one of the best zoos in Singapore! (Considering Singapore has only 1 zoo, right?)

P/S: Do take note however that because that the author did not went to the zoo alone, you will find some extra actors in the pictures aside from the animals.

Have a great day!


So firstly, i would like to introduce you to the wide variety of cute and special animals you can find at this zoo.

Firstly, i would like you to meet our tall headed, ops, i mean long necked giraffe all the way imporated from Africa!

Next up, the lion that is always shy!
(as all lions are in all zoos, kings are supposed to be camera shy, perhaps?)

And of course, zebras who looked like they have just escaped from prison...
(Prison clothes look like them right?)

Not forgetting, our dear cheetah who has tired itself out after a long day run...

(I'm starting to steal bones -curi tulang- di, lazy la....)

Imported Californai Seal of approval, ops, just seal would be enough

Africa Penguins, and yes, penguins can be found in Africa too.

Incredibly obese sea cows!
So girls, if you think you're fat, take a look at them first!

Zzzz... *feel alseep*
(You should know what is this, and for those who failed bio or common general easy knowledge, it's called a turtle... or tortoise)

Okay, i wasn't really paying attention at zookeeping class, so i'll skip this animal.

Some Australlian bird who cant fly, not Ostrich though!


And our all star female elephants...
(Apparently they have only 1 male elephant in the zoo. Lucky guy...)

Our closest relative, the Forest People as how Singapore Zoo likes to say it...
(Hate Malay gua)
or better know as Orang Utan

Introducing our zoo's main star attraction, the Green Polar Bear!
Which happens to be yellow on my visit.
What i heard is that algae grow on them and thus earning the nickname green Polar Bear throughout Singapore

Other animals whom i'm lazy to name.....

And lastly, our famous meditating white tiger!
As you can see, his hobby is to meditate under the water for reasons known only to him til hours pass and he still would not move.
(Practicing tiger kungfu?)
And we have also the cat walk tiger which you have to see for yourself when you visit the zoo.
As the name suggests, it likes to CAT walk.

Besides animal exhibits, our zoo also provides trivias which you can use for your bio essays!

But do not hope too much, from the quality of it, i think the trivia is more suitable to be made into lame jokes. Other than that, the uses are pretty limited actually except if you want to show off to a hot girls that you know lots of things.


Oh and we have also natives living in the zoo too!
You know, those that prefer very less clothes?

Apparently they're blaming us city dwellers for the destruction of the forests and they are hatching a plan to fight back and its called.......
(Drum roll please...)

Natives on the loose:


And of course. Since this blog writer did not went to the zoo alone, there're bound to be photographs of people in it.

Lazy to intro them though, since they are so numerous in numbers, so we'll just call them NUS baboons... ops, i mean students.

(You'll see why i mistaken them for baboons later.. no offense meant!!)


Fuh, so finally we have come to an end to our tour of Singapore Zoo.
Thank you ladies and gentlemans, not to mention some aunties and uncles of your patience in taking the Geylang Lily Tour Guide services.

Besides prociding tour guide service for Singapore Zoo,
we are also offering
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Thank you.


Below are the few extra notes you have to take notice about the zoo too:

Romantic Dating Place

As most of our visiotrs are children below 10 who still cannot walk, you'll find a lot of these:

Nope don't get it wrong, its not some Chinese towkey who opened this restaurant, in fact it was named after an orang utan!

Besides animals, we have exhibits for bicycles too!

Well, guess thats all then.
Don't forget to participate in our other tour guide services too!
(But those won't be free already!)



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