Rantings at 4 a.m


These pictures are taken from a disco/bar/pub during my hall's bash.


"When you choose to take up the cross like what Jesus did, life will not going to be easy for you.
You will find yourself constantly struggling to make the right choices as opposed to the world's choices.
And sometimes you might wonder you have made a correct decision of taking
up the cross.
But rest assured, that there will be no greater peace or joy tha
n to have God in your life compared to all the world riches or woman you may find if you have chosen the world's path",
this was what one of my good friend in church once told me.

I often find myself in the position of that fish in that picture, swimming the opposite direction of where all other fishes are swimming.

For example, when the trend now is sleep with whoever you want,
i, myself, as a Christian must abstain until the day of my marriage.

I went to my Hall's Freshmen Bash today.
And for a small fish like me, its certainly surprising for me to see how the atmosphere during the bash was like.
Guys touching girls like there's no tomorrow and french kissing if she smell nice, those sort of things.

You can call me conservative. You can call me stupid. Idiot perhaps?

But i sincerely believe that God is not a sadistic person. He do not simply give rules just because He enjoys having people obey Him.

I rather choose to believe that what is He giving is some sort of a guideline.

Case proven when i was walking out of the pub.
I saw a couple arguing quite badly until the state of shouting.
They do not even care if they're in the public.
She's accusing him of touching or snogging some other girl.
Break up seems inevitable.

And you ask why Christians cannot get drunk?

So i would gladly choose to stay sober and stay within the guidelines rather than breaking everyone of them known.

Freedom is not doing whatever you want.
Freedom is the ability to control what you do not want to do.


According to a research recently done by animal scientists, apparently the worrying news of wolves population declining nothing but a false alarm.

The study states that although natural habitats of wolves are being destroyed by humans, wolves actually manage to find a new habitat among human population in the city.

Its called pub/bar/disco.

The study shows that this new habitat is the new meeting place for male and she-wolves to meet up and find a suitable partner.

The process starts with the male wolf scanning the floor a suitable mate.
It will then approach the suitable she-wolf carrying a fruit that is called the BEER-fruit as a gift to the she-wolf.
The male wolf will also harbour a thought hoping the BEER-fruit would save it a lot of trouble of trying to win over the she-wolf as the BEER-fruit is known to hamper the she-wolf's ability to judge if the male wolf is of a good breeding mate.

When the BEER-fruit is eaten, then the pair of wolves will engage in a ritual in where the male wolf will get the she-wolf aroused by touching wherever it can touch on the she-wolf's body.

The process will culminate in either the male wolf's den, the she-wolf's den or just in the toilet of the bar/pub/disco. You see, wolves a really urgent need to let go and they just really do not mind.
In fact, some male wolves have been to known to have multiple partners to increase the chance of producing offspring.

This method have been very effective in increasing the wolves population until scientists decided to put a stop to it by introducing condom.



  1. I am not the only one can not sleep. It amazed me that you wrote out all these in just 30 minutes! This night is not as crazy as you think, in my opinion, although I went away from 1 to 2:45. I never know you are a Christian. That is another thing that surprises me. I remembered I asked if there was any Christian in our OG during orientation. At that time, no positive reply.

  2. Be in the world but not of the world!

  3. @Dian Sheng: Really? I did not hear you asked be4. Seriously

    @Joshua: Agree with you!

  4. Would you mind tell me when you begin to be a Christian? Actually, in the first 7 months in Singapore, almost all the singaporeans I knew are Christians. All the English tutors in my bridging course are Christians. so at that time, i thought there are a lot in spore. is there also quite a lot christians in M'sia?

  5. I felt suprise when reading this blog posted by Luke...
    Totally agree with yours as you said something that always in my mind.

    "I often find myself in the position of that fish in that picture, swimming the opposite direction of where all other fishes are swimming."
    "You can call me conservative. You can call me stupid. Idiot perhaps?"

    Yeah,I like it...XD

  6. You like to touch on these kind of topics lately. Is it to clarify yourself or you started to have doubts? No offence.

  7. @Diansheng: I've been Christian my whole life and nope Christians are something like the minority in Msia

    @Anonymous: Thanks?

    @Meis: Not everything has to be as complicated as you think geh. I just writing on these stuff cuz i can relate to it better. I certainly cant suddenly write about global warming rite or else it would seem weird

  8. change your background. i cant read what you post. and where is ur chatbox? sudah telan ka?

  9. Dude...being conservative ain't strange...at least for me...coz i'm kinda conservative too...i think...and oh, you missed out something on the wolves. They ain't normal wolves, they're COLOR wolves


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