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I could not believe that i actually went for a choir audition today!
You could blame that on peer pressure, honestly, as all of my friends in Eusoff went for it.

It was an totally new experience as you know, i'm not a person who can really sing back in Ipoh and choir was never my interest as i thought it was only for sissies.

So now i'm going to change my mindset.
Choir are not for sissies, it is for high-taste-gentlemen.
That is, with me in it of course.


Read that there's 38 confirmed deaths from H1N1 in Malaysia today.
Meanwhile Singapore has only 10 at the moment.

And surprisingly it was Singapore who got infected first.

Really "Malaysia Boleh".
Even H1N1 cases also want to compete with people.



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  2. way the go! choir is for all mankind! =)

  3. You did? I also go to the choir audition XD


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