Me and Pick Up Lines


I'm never good with girls.
I cannot seem to understand why some guys are such girl killers.

When i walk up to girls, my stomach wriggles and my legs start shaking.

"Erm, hi.... my name's Luke", is all i can manage to mutter.

Forget about those cheesy pick up lines that go
"Hi, i think i just broke my knees falling for you."
"Allow me to rescue you from your crowd of admirers. "
or even
"Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet."

Gosh, i would be lost somewhere in the middle of the lines if i were to say it.
"Hi, i think i broke my... erm was it head again? Or was it my bones?"

You get the idea.

People like me need time.
And if you're going against some Romeo, things are bound to end up with me singing some break-up-crush songs from Jay Chow.

Sad isn't it?
By the time i finish saying my name, the guy next to me is already reciting Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.
Which might explain why i'm still stuck single.

Maybe my resolution of staying single for 4 years is not that hard to keep at all.



  1. dude don't be so sad! you'll find your true love soon. haha

  2. really? you intend to stay single throughout your 4 years in UNI?

    I believe those pick-up lines are superficial. Real relationship connects @ the spiritual level first!

  3. @artix: i was just being sarcastic. dun worry

    @joshuatj: Yeah, i come to NUS is to study, not pak tor! LOL

  4. you're a unique and original one! =)

  5. I thought you are quite good with girls. To tell you the truth, I do feel it today, during the bash.

  6. Some girls are gonna be very sad after reading this blog entry... Haha

    U gonna stay single throughout your 4 years in NUS....this is the 1st part.
    The 2nd part is...You'll straight away get married after the 4 years. Haha.

    LiuDiansheng: you seemed to tell something about what Luke has done during the bash night....hmmmm. ;)

  7. @Immortalizing Every Split Second: Thanks!

    @LiuDiansheng : What did you see? That i was dancing with girls? That was what almost every guy did and not to mention i was just following my friends. If you have noticed, i'm always sticking close to my few friends only and i danced with the same people the whole night. At around 1+ am i went down to the walkway next to the ocean and sat there til 3, alone

    @Meis: SWT =.="

  8. Oh, i didn't put it clearly that you misunderstood me. I mean I do feel that some people are girlkillers, especially during the bash. i didn't see you dance that night. i just saw you stand aside. i said "I thought you are quite good with girls." because you have many girl friends, not girlfriends

  9. by the way, being single for four years is not that bad. I am planning to do so.

  10. u r not gud wid gals? i think i hav 2 doubt ur 1st line...

  11. I doubt it, Luke...Remain single for the entire 4 years???trust my words, not single but we'll see Luke mingling around with someone soon...

  12. @Pei Huang: you are indicating somebody?


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