Look, ghost!


There's a common perception that all humans that are categorized under the gender MALE should not be afraid of ghost movies.

For those that are afraid, well, they're not called males, but rather SISSIES.
I, sadly, happened to be in the SISSIES group.

To be honest, i do not know how some people stand ghost movies. I'm the kind of person who after watching nice movies likes to repeat them over and over again in my head.

Though ghost movies are categorized as not nice for me, i do not know why my brain still likes to replay the ghost movie, especially the scenes where the ghost brutally murders someone by using some horrifying tactics that would make you pee in your pants.

Luckily, i still can manage not to pee, just that i will only stay awake the whole night afraid to go to the toilet even just to pee.

That is why i hate going to watch ghost movies.

After 19 years of existence, i only watched 1 ghost movie before in cinema.

And it was a Thai ghost movie called "Coming Soon", not to mention i was watching it with just another girl.
In normal situations, you would have the girl screaming and the guy laughing throughout the movie, in my instance, it was the other way around.

Talk about losing all your ego in one day.

After that incident, i vowed never again to touch ghost movie.
Until Jack Neo decided to release this film:

Lesson learned: Never Trust Trailers and Never Sit in the First Row.

Though the movie still have its funny elements, its from Jack Neo anyway, it is still scary. It practically had me laughing while screaming throughout the whole movie. And the effects also got amplified as i was sitting in the first row.

To make things worse, this movie is about combining 3 ghost movies into 1 so instead of having just 1 scary ghost, now you have 3.

Talk about losing all your ego in one day, AGAIN.
(But of course, overall, the movie is still great.)

I think i will head out to do a vow renewal not to touch ghost movies again.



  1. and you were very noisy too....haha. The scenes were also kept on appearing in my mind when it's still fresh. But now I've almost forgotten all the parts, except for the second story....when the ropes were cut.....


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