La~La~La~Laaaa~~~~! *Coughs*


Woot, i failed my choir audition!

Received an email which goes like:

"First of all we'd really thank you for your interest in joining Eusoff Choir and coming down for the audition. It is really great to see such an overwhelming response from all of you.

However, as we have to meet a certain quota, we could not take in all the people who came for auditions. After a long grueling process and careful considerations, we truly regret to inform you that you did not pass the choir audition this time.

Nevertheless, do not let this stop your passion in singing! If you are interested in le
arning and knowing more about singing, please look out for upcoming vocal workshops that Eusoff Performing Arts Committee is going to conduct. Keep on practising and hopefully you can join us next time! :)

Thank you! "

Guess all those trainings that i underwent during all my bathing time in toilet did not work out after all. And i thought after countless hours i put into those training, considering i bath twice a day, at least i could have improved slightly.

Oh well, looks like what you think of yourself is always different from what others think of you.

For example until now i still cant get people to agree with me that i'm handsome.
Sad.... XD


  1. Don't be sad la~
    I also fail my choir audition...
    Smile ^^

  2. hahaha... cher hong need choir 1 meh? i thought u sing solo 1? =)

  3. @Huang Hua: Haha dun worry, i'm not sad. Smile!

    @Aaron: Wahliao since when?

    @Connie: Lol and you're pretty too XD

  4. you people should really think of joining something else - cultural, or voluntary.
    Just so that you get more than 40 CCA points.


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