In 3 weeks time!


Trivia: The most popular question that your friends would always ask you when you step into university is not how is studies or how is your new environment.
It is "Have you found a girlfriend or not?" or a "target" those sort of questions.

Sad to disappoint you guys and good news to the gals of course, nope, i have neither found a girlfriend or a target to be my soul mate or whatsoever.
Like i said, i came to NUS to study.
(That may sound a little fake, but hey, everyone does right? Unless you are going to "FISH" a "Big Fish" of course.)


So, here's a little update for my friends of how am i doing in NUS aside from still being single and very available (or desperate, like some of you who would like to call it).

Classes have yet to start, that's one and yeah, i know its very surprising since it has been almost a month since i last left Malaysia.

Well, one thing about Singapore is that they like orientation!
Not to mention making our lives miserable too with all the other administrative procedures we also have to do to gain a place in NUS.

But above all that, i'm still happy that God
(i prefer to believe its God rather than some stupid chance)
sent me to a new place rather than locking me up in Malaysia.

Among the stuff that i got to experience for the first time (including some really bizarre ones) since arriving which i believe would not appear in any local Malaysia uni are:-

1. Attending a dating service organized by the uni.
(Rumour goes that Singapore are in desperate need for babies)But too bad, the activity failed to find me any girlfriends or potential targets.


2. Visiting one of Singapore largest church, FCBC
(The service is held in an expo area with 10 000 plus people and it rocked! I've never been to such atmosphere before and i truly enjoyed every second in it. Except the sermon part that is, i was falling asleep there.)

3. Going out to ask for donations from the public, its for charity and not the uni, btw

My can

Sleeping on the job~zzz

Collection time!


4. And etc etc....

The etc includes going to the zoo, going to Sentosa, going to Clarke Quay, going to the Museum and going to a lots of places.

It really makes me wonder sometimes if i am coming here to study or to have fun but heck, who cares?
As long as i do not have to touch books, i'm happy!



  1. lol... not touchin books wor.. hahaha
    hav u found ur girlfriend? (as ur trivia would say) =P0

  2. I did not mention bout making new frens....I'm so disappointed now. :P


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