I wished i spammed co-curricular activities in my early days...


Someone forgot to tell me that to study in Singapore, or to stay in the campus hostel at least,
you'll need a lot of co-curricular activities.


And it's not the usual ones you can find in secondary or high school by the way, where you can join without any prior experience.

Here, experience counts for everything

To join the band, you'll need a diploma in the instrument you want to play.

Choir, you'll need singing experience for at least 90% of your life before uni, and by singing experience i mean you can hum out a song just by looking at all the Mozart or Beethoven musical notes on a paper.

For drama, you need to appear at least once on TV.

To be in a committee for any co-curricular activities, you need to be the president for your country last time.

If you don't have all those, maybe some cash would be nice so you can pay as fees to learn.

Okay, i may be exaggerating but this roughly gives you an idea of how co-curricular activities work in university and how high is their standards.
Everything has an audition and interview at least.

What happened to giving everybody a fair chance?



  1. totally agree wz you..sigh..
    without experiences,without knowledges,you're almost nothing here..izzit?I dunnoe...

  2. Hey, doesn't being a finalist on iTalentstar help at all???


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