Happy National Day, Malaysia


Dear Bloggy (think of it as Dear Diary),

It has been 44 days, 20 hours, 36 minutes and 3 seconds, no make that 4 seconds, oh now is 7 seconds (okay, forget about it) since i arrived in this new country.

To be honest, although this country, which is called Singapore, is in many ways better than Malaysia, my old country, i still find myself sometimes reminiscing about my hometown Ipoh. Like the Malay saying that goes, "
Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri" which roughly means although our own country may not be as good as other countries, sometimes it is still better to choose our native country.

Although Malaysia isn't a very good country to start with, considering that the politicians from the governing party managed to screw it quite well after 52 years of governing, as whole i still miss Malaysia very much.

I miss the diversity of Malaysia, where Malays, Indians and Chinese managed to live harmoniously together. I miss all the major celebrations like Hari Raya or Deepavaali for example, where i would visit every my friends who although are from a different race, and celebrated the occasion together. I miss the kuih raya, the murukku and most importantly the laughter and fun we all had together.

I miss the peacefulness of Ipoh, where the days move by its own pace and not affected by the ever busy pace like what you experience in Singapore.

I miss my friends, whom i can rely on no matter what and share anything under the sky. I miss their smile and their friendliness, and i know that no matter what i could trust in them, that they are friends with me just because they want to and not because of some ulterior motive.

I do certainly miss the food there, where everything is unique in taste and just eating alone is so fulfilling unlike in Singapore where most of the things taste either too sweet or just plain bland.

I miss the coolness in Ipoh, even though it may be noon as in Singapore, you really can really sweat to fill almost 1 litre bottle every day.

I miss so many things back in my hometown. Like they say, there's no other place else rather than home. I miss you, Malaysia.

Happy National Day



  1. ^^Don't be so emotional~~~
    At least you can go back to Malasia at Dec after the exam la~~~
    I cannot even go back to China...
    Happy National Day to you!

  2. I miss Malaysia too...especially my dear small but peaceful town,Ipoh...my lovely family and friends...everything in Ipoh...I really really miss them much...


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