I'm so bored and spiders are weaving their web on me now.

There is still 40 minutes before my next class starts and already i have ran out of ideas of what to do.

I've checked and rechecked my Facebook and Hotmail for a dozen times now,
looked through me lecture notes for the fifth time,

peered at the clock every 30 seconds and if time still ticks at 60 second per minute,
i'm gonna pull all of my hair out and become Bruce Willis because of boredom.

Coming to university is HARD.

Not because that studies or co-curricular activities is hard, its the empty space in your time slot that is hard.

You seriously need to find some activity or you'll go nuts re-reading the love email your lover sent you for the hundredth time.

Or you need to learn time travel, or maybe steal that time travel clock from Hermione to speed things up a little.



  1. Don't know what to do?!
    Oh, my god!!!
    You just don't know how much I want to get some more time, do you?!!
    It's my fifth time to tell myself today to review the maths lecture note and I still don't have time to do that because all my lecturers just try to compress 96 pages lecture notes into 1 hour...And you think you are miserable?! Wanna exchange with me? =..=`

  2. Rofl. Wait till your assessments and assignments come in. That's what I thought when I first entered uni. Now I'm begging for more time. Not enough sleep every day. Haha. You wait :P

  3. Ops... looks like i have asked for the wrong things XD

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  5. give me your spare time! If you ever find the Time-turner (that's what it's called), let me know.


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