Study Trip To UTAR!


What do you get when you cross extreme boredom, 1 H'ng Yee Kheng, 1 Phang Cher Hong, 1 Kong Xin Yi and a Myvi that have unlimited petrol (That is because Yee Kheng said that the petrol could be claimed from his company) ?

A vacation to the University Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kampar!
Besides, what better way to understand about life in university, to visit all your secondary friends and to feel grateful that Ipoh is not that boring when compared to Kampar than to visit there straight?

So, these are among the sights i managed to capture in Kampar for you all to see, if you're wondering how life in UTAR is like.

Our host for the day, Mr Tan Ginn Yi (Or Jeannie)

Our host's house, 3 floors with 20+ over people in it

A view of Mr Jeannie's room

3 People are supposed to sleep here with the end result of Yee Kheng hugging me during his sleep

Guess what we found at the pavement opposite Ginn Yi's house? University students.. LOL

Night Life in Kampar!

Dinner at some random restaurant

Round 2: Celebrating the Terrorist's birthday at some random cafe

Xin Yi: "I wish i could get my hands on that latest bomb..."

Can you make out the word "Terrorist" on the cake?

Yee Kheng was the first one to go down that night

View of the lake that i cannot seem to remember its name just beside UTAR

And bicycles seem to be the most popular mode of transportation among students there

Car, eh no, bicycle park in UTAR

Yee Kheng and Xin Yi chilling by the lake. Notice that there's another bicycle again?

Following Jia Yee to collect laundry. The have doby service! How nice...

Xin Yi: Hey, what is this?
Yee Kheng: Dunno oh, i heard that this machine produces coffee by magic!

"GRAND" Kampar Hotel, the only hotel in Kampar. That's why it is grand

You can find a lot of these RO Water machine around the students residential area


There a lot more sights can i cannot manage to put in picture but of course, those are the sights that you need to see for yourself.

My conclusion of university life?

Lets say i prefer much more of my secondary life in St Michael.



  1. Tony Sin: go read

  2. it's true.. life in smi is much better...

  3. Wishing you good luck tomorrow. All the best and keep in touch!

  4. the lake name is Westlake...


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