So i'm off...

There is now officially 2 more hours left before i take my step upon the bus that will bring me to my "next stage in life", which lies in NUS, Singapore.

I've seen many friends leaving for the same purpose as me, which is to tertiary education, but the feeling of seeing them off is so different from being the person that is going off myself.

I have a whole bunch of feelings mixed together, sadness, excitement, happiness, the homesick feeling that you get before even going abroad and the feeling that you are going to miss everything in your hometown.

I will sure miss Ipoh certainly, for the relaxing pace of life here and definitely the white coffee and the pretty girls that you can only find in Ipoh.

And mentioning about girls, i just received a bombshell from Jia Yee that she has already a boyfriend just recently.
That was actually quite surprising to me i must say, because i was expecting myself to start another relationship first, but who am i to voice out now? LOL

As for myself, i am making a vow to TRY (note the TRY) to remain single for at least four years in Singapore because i just know that a relationship is not good in a university where China-men can study for 10 straight hours without sleep, food and girls.
But who knows?
Most of my friends are already making bets on how fast i will break the vow, with the fastest time being 2 weeks and the longest period being 1 semester.
Come on, am i that desperate?
(Thanks for the resounding YES by some of you)


So before ending my last blog post in Malaysia for now, i would like to voice out my gratefulness to a few friends that have always stood by me during all the ups and downs just to affirm you guys. (And yeah, i have the feeling that this post sounds more like a speech made when someone have contracted a terminal disease)

  • Yee Kheng, for your car, your phone and all your belanja-s which i know i may never repay you unless i become rich and most importantly the support you gave me. You are a person that will never say NO to a friend and that is what makes you special. You are truly the best buddy anyone could ever find and i hope we can always remain best buddies no matter what ocean that separates us.
  • Jimmy & David, for being my 2 idiotic buddies in church for more than 10 years now. I know we might not share all the same personalities but this is what that bond us together. Though our paths may diverge for now, but i know we will meet again someday doing other idiotic stuff like we always used to.
  • My school friends whom i still keep in touch with (eg: Kam Wah, Xin Yi, Tammy, Hari and etc... too many names to mention LOL), for still making the effort to keep in touch be it through MSN, Facebook, this blog and some regular outings. I hope the saying once a friend, always a friend applies to us.
  • And of course, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, friends who do not make it into the 3 category which is not very much in the first place, for all the support, advice and prayers that you gave me. Same saying, once a friend, always a friend!

Well, guess that is all for my farewell speech for now, do wait for my welcoming speech when i reach NUS in Singapore. *Winks*



  1. Wah.. I'm so touched u put my name there.. haha..
    Good luck to u then, hope u can remain single too. XD

    BY THE WAY, can I still sms to yr malaysian number? Cuz the Singapore num is quite expensive unless I'm in the island's territory...

  2. lol.. can i place a bet? u'll max last 2 years haha... not four...

  3. too bad for you are the S.A.D. guy-- single, available and desperate. Know a lot of new nouns and abbreviation after I reach here. Not bad. haha


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