I learned a new word today: SEXTING.
No, don't go looking for that word's meaning in Oxford, it will take some time before SEXTING make it to any dictionary and based on the word SEX in SEXTING, maybe even dictionary do not want that word in them.

SEXTING it seems, is like the latest hobby among our friends who are living in more "open" countries like US and luckily, it has yet to gain ground in my country, Malaysia, at least for now.

According to a recent survey done in US by some committee to prevent early pregnancy, they found out that 1 in 5 US girls and 18% of US boys are involve in sexting.

So what is sexting actually then?

Its quite simple actually, it only involves sending picture of yourself through your phone or over the internet. Like the 1000+ camwhore photos you regularly post to sites like Friendster, Facebook or Myspace. The only catch is you must not have any clothes on which basically means sending nude photos of yourself.

Think as i might, i still could not imagine myself photographing my asset and then forwarding it to all my friends and see.
I definitely do not want to be walking into a job interview 5 years from now with my asset picture getting the hit every time someone googles my name.

But of course, most teens today only focuses more on the present rather than worry about the future.
Enjoy ourselves when we still have the time, right?

So who cares about sending sexy pictures of myself when the pretty girl next door agrees to do the same? Besides, everybody seems to be doing it so what harm can it bring?

Sigh, the world is just getting even more sickening by every passing day.



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