Going bananas....


When people mentioned that i'm gonna learn and experience a lot of stuff in university,
i sort of expected it to be academic stuff or of the same sort like that.

I'm learning something that still requires a lot of mental power now, but it certainly do not have anything to do with getting a good grades though.

It's adjusting my body to the university's time zone.

You see, when you enter a university, its something akin to crossing the Meridian Greenwich where the time is shifted by 12 hours or roughly about that.
So 3 am in the morning isn't 3 am in the morning anymore.

Translated into university hours, it might as well be equivalent to 4 pm or somewhere in the morning.
And 6pm or morning in the real world means that there will be many people awake, and when there's many people awake, there's bound to be noise.

In my case, it seems they have let loose some chimpanzees around the quarters of my hall.

They might look human on the outside, but actually they are no much different on the inside.

I'm saying so because normal humans, though they may be at different time zones, knows when to keep their stupid mouth shut when they know there are other people sleeping but chimpanzees however, do not know this.

We can't really blame them though.
We can't expect chimpanzees mother or father to go around telling their children to keep quiet.
They're really busy searching for bananas, you know.

So right now, i have a bunch of chimpanzees shouting on top of their lungs somewhere near my hall for reasons i do not know.
I'm guessing its mating season, and by shouting like the worlds gonna end, they think they might impress their female mates.

Sigh, guess i'll be kept awake by their battle cries til God knows what time and a piece of advice to incoming university students, bring ear plugs when you're going to uni.

Or a few bananas in case chimpanzees decide to visit your halls of residence.



  1. Good one! Just move to PGP la. There's no chimpanzees here. But the quietness sometimes is more scary. I always run back to my room.

  2. LOL then i prefer here lo. At least u noe there's humans


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