1st Post From Singapore

Question: What is the most important object that you must bring when you go to uni?
Answer: A freaking laptop !!!!!

Okay, maybe that is not the most important thing but because of the idea that i could get a really good laptop in Singapore without considering the fact that the exchange rate is ridiculously high as my dad does not own 10 multinational companies, i have been without a laptop for almost 1 week now and thus being unable to update this blog.

Luckily Singapore can be considered as a developed country and thank God because i finally found a computer i can use at the hostel lounge where i live.


So, i'm pretty fine here right now.

Class has not started yet so basically you can say i'm pretty enjoying life right now as the way they do orientation in Singapore could scared the wits out of a typically conservative Malaysian.
I know that because i have my wits out now.

Wished i could upload some pictures but that will have to wait until i really get a laptop in Singapore which i do not know when.

Any kind hearted people is willing sponsor me 1?


Oh besides that, i'm also quite into listening Chinese songs now.
Especially those break-up kinda song.

Us Chinese really have the talents of writing break-up songs.
Maybe is because Chinese have the highest break up rates in the world?

Well, one of the song is called
"Wo Ai De Ren" or the loose translation would be the person i love.

A pretty suitable song for most of us i guess.

Lyrics of this song with translation:

wo zhi dao gu shi bu hui tai qu zhe
I know this story is pretty straightforward

wo zong hui yu jian yi ge shen me ren
I will find someone

pei wo guo mei you le ta de ren sheng
To accompany me along the life without her

cheng jia li ye zhi lei de deng deng
Settle down, good career and everything

ta zuo le ta jue de dui de xuan ze
Since she's made the choice she thinks is right

wo zhi hao zhu fu ta zhen de dui le
I can only give her my blessings

ai bu dao wo zui xiang yao ai de ren
I can't love the person that I really want to

shui hai neng yao wo zhen me ne
What else can I do?

我愛的人 不是我的愛人
wo ai de ren / bu shi wo de ai ren
The person I love is not my lover

她心裡每一寸 都屬於另一個人
ta xin li mei yi cun / dou shu yu ling yi ge ren
Every inch in her heart has been taken by the other person

她真幸福 幸福得真殘忍
ta zhen xin fu / xin fu de zhen can ren
She's really happy and this happiness is cruel

讓我又愛又恨 她的愛怎麼那麼深
rang wo you ai you hen / ta de ai zen me na me shen
Makes me love and hate how can her love be that deep

我的愛人 她已有了愛人
wo de ai ren / ta yi you le ai ren
The person I love has a lover

從他們的眼神 說明了我不可能
cong ta men de yan shen / shuo ming le wo bu ke neng
The look in their eyes tells it all, it's impossible for me

每當聽見 她或他說(我們)
mei dang ting jian / ta huo ta shuo (wo men)
Everytime I hear them use 'we'

就像聽見愛情 永恆的嘲笑聲
jiu xiang ting jian ai qing / yong heng de chao xiao sheng
It's just like love, laughing at me, eternally



  1. can't believe you translate d lyrics into English.. kinda funny.. XD
    btw..this song is really nice..

  2. Whoo!! Studying in Singapore =D =D You must be stoked! I LOVE Singapore. And about your laptop... why not just ask mom or dad to post over your laptop from back home? I'm sure that'll be cheaper somehow, right?

  3. Then you should listen to 手放开 by 李圣杰. The lyrics are nice too.

  4. lol...she doesn't even know la...u shud put raymond lam fung's song..."fong sao fong hoi soh yau..." i 4gt d da titile of tis song...


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