Of American Idol, Homosexuality and God

A friend of mine recently commented about American Idol.

I'm no fan of American Idol but from the word on the street, I heard that a guy named Kris Allen won while coming in second was Adam Lambert.

And from what i heard my friend said, he said that Kris winning is a sign that
"God was indeed moving"
because Kris happen to be a worship leader and Adam Lambert happens to be a, uhm, gay.
(You can find his post here: http://mcd4life.blogspot.com/2009/06/kris-allen-vs-adam-lambert.html)

If i have not mistaken, the message from that post is supposed to be like:-
God hates homosexual singers. Only Christians who are full time worship leaders in church deserve to win American Idol. Gays are not allowed to win even if you can sing very well and have the talent.


I'm not a homosexual, mind you and i happen to be a Christian myself.
And no, i do not belong to the category that advocates homosexuals to be priests or leaders in church as i think homosexuals is something against the nature too.

But enough said bout homosexuality, i'm not writing on this post to start any pro-gay movement supporting Adam Lambert but i felt the need to clarify something regarding Christianity here.


I used to debate with a Muslim friend of mine before regarding issue of spiritually, and one of the issues we talked about is regarding religious fanatics.
The people who take what their religion teach to the extreme and try to alter it to suit their own needs and views. A very good example would be Osama bin Laden.

I argued with him that Christianity is definitely the better religion because most terrorists is a Muslim (no offense, here, that was last time) and he pointed out to me that every religion has its own share of fanatics.

Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddhism, all.

What am i trying to say here is being too obsessed with religion is not a good thing.
And interpreting events to conform to your own religion views is even worse.

Take American Idol for example.

What happens if Kris lost?
Are you going to say that this is what God wants because He wants to mold Kris into becoming a better Christian?
Or are you going to say that God is doing it because with fame, there will be a lot of evil stuff with it so God decides to protect him?

Do you seriously believe that you understand what is in God's will?
I believe that no one in this world that really understands God's will 100% and what more predicting what God is going to do.

A word to brother and sisters in Christ:
Jesus did not come to this world to judge people. Instead He came to be with the sinners, the outcasts, not the pharisees.
If Jesus were to return today, whom do you think he will mix with?
I sincerely think He will go among the sinners so condemned by you, the homosexuals, the adulterers, the non-believers.
Bear in mind that when He came, He did side with the pharisees in condemning people.
He did not go like, "you've sinned! And you deserve to rot in hell!"


Our job is not to alienate them but instead to go to them.
If you decide to alienate them, whats the difference of you and the pharisees?


P/s: Sorry to the non-Christian readers because my last few posts touched on so much religious things. Hope you would not mind. And thanks for visiting!


  1. well, u got my message wrong.. nvm sum ppl understand wad i'm tryin 2 relay, sum ppl don't.. so it's ok..i'm cool..
    no use arguing anyway... =)

  2. Seriously, I couldn't agree more with your post.

    I'm a non-Christian myself, but I studied in a Methodist school so many of my friends are Christians. Some were ambassadors for their religion, by being nice to others and showing good values. While some were just plain fanatic, trying to convert people and saying that "If you're not a Christian you'll go to hell". Which I personally think is a horrible thing to say.

    All religions are good, none are superior to the other. However, humans are the ones who spoil the reputation of their own religion by being judgemental and biased. Instead of showing healthy religious beliefs, I'm in the opinion that these kind of people are just making non-believers steer further away from them.

    It's good to know that you, being a Christian yourself, admits the flaws of some other Christians. Just because someone is non-Christian doesn't mean he or she is any worse and doesn't deserve to win.

    That's pure nonsensical, judgemental and not to mention, very un-Christian.

    My close friend happens to be the former president of my school's Chirstian Fellowship, BUT she was never radical or fanatic about it. In fact, she was really gentle about this whole religion thing.

    Kudos to you, and keep it up :)

  3. Hate the sin not the sinner.


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