The road to university....


Life when stepping into tertiary education, or rather the process before getting into it, is like getting lost in an unknown territory while driving.

At least that how i felt.

I once heard that the sole purpose of going to university is to get a decent job, get a decent pay and enjoy a decent pay for your life.

But somewhere along the road, someone told me that going to university is about pursuing your dreams, your passion and live a fruitful life.

Until yesterday, i was still stuck between two choices.
One is studying Arts and Social Science while majoring in Psychology at NUS (National University of Singapore) or i could take Computer Science in a local university.

I am dying to progress in Singapore but deep in my heart i know that studying in Singapore would be quite a burden to my parents.

Plus there are many "EXPERT" aunties who have been telling my mother to just let me study locally.
"Why go abroad? Waste money-lah! "
"And study psychology some more ah? Where got future?"
"Study Computer Science-lah! Sure got job one!"
"Aiya, boy where can study psychology! That is a girl's course!"
(I was like what the F*** on this one. So much for gender equality)
"Arts and Social Science? Only rich people who cannot get nice courses study geh wor!"
(Excuse me, if i'm rich i would be in Cambridge already k?)
And the aunties advices go on.

Seems to me that the aunties nowadays have a very good understanding about the job market's demands nowadays.
But they seem to be missing one quite important point, it is me who is studying, not THEM.

And it seems that all that is on their mind is getting a normal job and stay the same for the rest of their life. SIGH.
They are SO afraid of taking risk and prefer to play it safe.

However, a doctor i met today said something very different.
He asked me to never stop dreaming and if there is a opportunity, go for it.
He said that it is my life so i should not let others bring me down.
Finally, he assure me that God will make a way.

Yeah, God definitely made a way.
I can see it through this caring doctor.



  1. Congratulations on both your offers! :) In my humble opinion, NUS is a great choice. I would have gone there myself for medicine if I wasn't already funded by JPA to study in Monash.

    Go ahead with your dreams and follow your heart :) Psychology is definitely NOT a course for girls alone. Yes, it may be female-dominated but I have plenty of male friends studying it as well.

    Good luck in your future undertakings and keep up the spirit!


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