Lets talk about S-E-X !! 0.o

I find it very hard to be a good guy.
Especially if you are one born in a conservative family with your parents constantly hogging over you plus being hammered with religious lesson in church every week for 19 years straight.


[Please STOP reading if you are of the faint hearted or you think that you are in the good boy good gal category. Don't say i did not warn you.]


Day in and day out, i'm hearing more and more stories about who is losing their virginity, who is sleeping with who etc etc.

And well, being a guy myself, i have to admit that sometimes i do get jealous looking at other guys having this kind of "adventure". Especially when the hormones in my body are just having the time of their life.

Just to be honest guys, if a hot girl really would take off her shirt in front of you and requests for an "adventure", can you really control yourself and say no?
I bet even the most hard will-ed guy would only last at most 30 seconds in that kind of situation before giving in.
Except if your first impulse is to run, which i think that is also a gigantic obstacle to overcome.


What is the big deal anyway?

Pre-marital sex seems so normal nowadays and it is considered one of the essential things you must do with your boyfriend/girlfriend right? Okay, maybe at least that's the trend in major cities like Singapore, JB and some say KL.

So why the heck am i making a fuss out of this thing?

Well, i also do not really know what am i frustrated about. Maybe it is because i cannot turn my back towards everything i have learned and know about this pre-marital sex.

As far as i know, when you have done it one time, you will want to do it again.
Just like when if you stole, gambled, lied once, you will most probably do it again because your are already addicted or used to it.

And the more time you have sex, especially with different partners, the higher the chances of you getting a sexually transmitted disease and passing it on. Forget about condoms or banana leaves, no method is 100% fool-proof except abstinence.

The boring scientific stuff aside, pre-marital sex also makes a mockery out of the concept of marriage. What's the point of marrying if you can have sex with whoever you like?
And when sex means nothing much to you, you will have no qualms about doing it again with someone else who is not your spouse, and the reason why divorce rate is shooting sky high today.

Besides, all of us seem to forget that sex is something very sacred in which a new life can be created. It is the only way too how life can be created, where we as humans, can take part in God's work in creating a one-and-only unique being in this world.

Its saddening how some of us treat this process like a hobby such as football.
"Hey i'm bored, wanna have sex?"


But honestly i am a human too. And when so many people is involve in this activity, i doubt i can hold my ground.

Its just like the story where a person, lets call him A, was approached by another people one day asking him what is the answer to 1 + 1.
Of course A answered 2, but the person claimed that A's answer was wrong and said that the real answer is 11.
You will of course dismiss the other person because you know really well that 1+1=2.
But imagining the second person comes to you and say 1+1=11. And multiply this experience by 1000 times.
Of course, even though 1+1 is still equals to 2, but with a thousand people telling you that 1+1=11, no matter how sure are you, you will also start to doubt whether your answer is correct and will start to accept that 1+1=11.

Well, that roughly sums up my case. Yes, i know that pre-marital sex is still wrong just like the answer is still 2, but after seeing so many people doing it "happily", i also begin to have my doubts. Except if i see a playboy known for his wild ways getting strike by lighting tommorow, then maybe i will stop doubting.

You see, doing the wrong things are always easier to do. Just like lying about how pretty your mum looks is definitely the sure way to survive as compared to telling her the truth about how hideous her dress looks, the same rule applies here.

But of course, i will not go searching for a girlfriend to have the"adventure" with me now, i still think that pre-marital sex is wrong.
I just hope that no girl will come stripping infront of me with the "request".



  1. y ur 1 no chat box 1?? ...

  2. What you said was mostly right. Except on the part of marriage. "If you can have sex with anyone, why would you get married"... hmm... The reason why you get married is because you got the girl pregnant. It's called responsibility. And the reason why divorce rate are high is not because of "sex" but because ppl just refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
    You are mostly right though.

  3. Thanks anonymous 4 ur comment. But if i tink u missed my point thr.
    If everyone is marrying cuz of so called "responsibility" then where's love in it?


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