I miss school =(


Went back to school today and man, do i miss my schooling days!
Ah... the nostalgia.

The wonderful whiff from the toilet that could put even the smelliest dump site in Malaysia to shame....

The experience of being looked at by pretty girls not because you are handsome, but instead its the pesky piece of green vegetable that is stuck on your teeth that is stealing all the glances...

The different ways that you have created to sleep in class without being noticed in teachers...

And of course, the thing that i missed most at school would be all my friends.

Everyone is so busy with life nowadays.
Some are occupied with work, some are already at university (most can be found at UTAR), some are busy with the university application and some seemed to have vanish into thin air.

Even a request to go for a drink together is so hard to accomplish.
It used to be so easy to plan and organize an outing together when in school.
Now, it takes your entire phone credit just to ask everyone out

Well, at least there's Facebook



  1. I miss school too.... =(
    Which uni r u heading nxt?


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