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Wow, almost all of the blogs i'm reading now seems to touch one same issue.
No, its not global warming or how hot is Megan Fox in the Transformer movie.

Its mostly about the inevitable farewell that most of us - being students that are going to head into tertiary education very soon - will bid to our secondary school friends who have been through thick and thin with us, from getting the cane to the buttock by the discipline teacher together to sharing gossips of who dumped Miss-I'm-The-Prettiest-in-school recently.

Of course i would not be blogging about it, search for a form 6 student's blog and you will find everyone writing about how they are going to miss their mum, their dad, their mice at home etc.

And writing about a topic that has four hundred other people blogging about it is never a good idea if you want more people to drop by your blog.

SO, i decided to blog differently.


You see, things aren't gonna be so bleak when you are stepping into university life.
If its the friends you are missing, well, there's always the reunion dinner forty years from now.

The worst that might happen might just be those few extra wrinkles on your face that you did not have 40 years ago.

While we must treasure our old friends, isn't it time to start looking forward to what lies beyond?

Plus we already had 6 months of time for us to accomplish whatever we have not done with our secondary school friends including for example, confessing your love for that girl that you have admired for so long, and doing some brave (or plain stupid?) actions in the process like putting her picture up in your blog.

Besides, we will be making a whole bunch of different friends when we are in our new environment (i'm hoping to meet girls who can scream yamateh! but well, that's just any guys fantasy) and this is the time to pursue our dreams and go for what we want in life.

Start anticipating what lies ahead in your next course of life. And of course, new friends are like silver but old friends are like gold.

We can still keep in touch, thanks to the advancement in technology in sites like Facebook so you do not have to worry about losing contact. It all depends on your effort.

And for you guys that will be missing me when i'm heading to NUS, here's a picture of me to accompany you.

And not forgetting, to all my friends,
GooD LucK in all your undertakings in your future life and it has been God's given grace indeed for me to have a friend like you who takes the time to come to my blog though it may be useless rantings sometimes.
Hope that we will keep in touch always and no matter what happens (like having a few extra wrinkles after 40 years...), i hope we will not forget each other and will remain as friends!

Take CaRe! ! !


  1. hehe wats with extra wrinkle...~~n wth with girl screaming yamateh!!??


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