Time: 2pm, Sunday Afternoon Place: Somewhere in Malaysia, in more detail, a field near my house

Sis: Hey, is that an open burning?
Me: Does that seem like an open raining?
Sis: (Ignores me) I really hate those people who simply burn stuff. Have they not read newspaper or what? Plus some more now got haze. These people's mother got teach them or not want?
Me: Aiyah, don't like NATO la (No Action, Talk Only)
Sis: Then what you want me to do?

Well, Mahatma Gandhi's (or was that Barrack Obama?) quote suddenly came into my mind.

Me: (In my best Gandhi + Obama impersonation voice) Like a i always use to say, we must be the change we want to see. Don't just talk must have action.

What i intended as a joke eventually resulted in me being dragged together with 2 pails as my sis and her friend, Mei Hui, put into good use the quote that i mentioned.
So much for my big mouth.

But of course, what are 2 pails and a Gandhi's quote when you are fighting with
wind + sun + fire
And soon you have my sis looking like that:-

Me: How about giving up? Basically no one cares about his open fire and 3 of us can't really accomplish anything.
Sis: We can't give up on what we started! I don't care, we will do what we can to stop this fire!
Me: =.=

To my surprise, THERE were people who cared. And after seeing 3 miserable teenagers futilely fighting the fire, some of my neighbours began to help.
And i must admit i was really glad that there were still people who actually give a damn (while most choose to look and drive away in the first place).

Neighbours helping

As the fire spread, we all realized that we could not control the fire and we were fighting a losing war. So what else can we do?
Call BOMBA!!

BOMBA in action!

Of course, all well ends well.
Thanks to the firemen, the fire was brought under control swiftly and i do not have to worry about inhaling smoke for the rest of the day.

Too bad the idiot who started the fire was never caught.
I really could not understand why they would still want to contribute more to global warming with the state our world is in now.

However, i still have a good time.
Sometimes, when no people cares, you really have to get the job done yourself.



  1. omg wow, you guys did such a huge difference!!!

    was funny at first but then i got very very impressed with you guys!!

  2. haha..nice..
    your post n d way u handle it..
    rili nice.. =)


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