The things i can never be good at

There are a few things that i would always suck at it in life no matter how hard i try to be good in it.
Two of those things would be

I can never understand how these 2 things work and what more be good at it. Try as i might, i can never achieve a stage where everything will work out smoothly and there's nothing to worry about my LOVE life and friends too.

I'm not trying to wallow in self pity here, but i really envy those people who do not have to lift a finger but yet are so freaking popular that no matter where they go, they will have a lot of fans and admirers.
On the other hand, if i do not make the first move, there would be rarely invites from anyone asking me to go out or anything. Some people however, needs two phones because their phone could not stop ringing because of the overwhelming support they have.

Life is unfair isn't it?
Some of us need to try so hard just to gain some trustful friends while others have people dying to be their friends. What happened to all of us being unique? Or maybe is the face problem?

Why can't making friends be something more like mathematics in school?
Where everything could be calculated and solved using known formulas.
At least it is not something judged by how handsome you are.


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