Sexual Dilemma

Sometimes i think that
girls have it easy in life

Okay, maybe my thinking is just limited to Malaysia.
Let me rephrase that to
girls in Malaysia really have it easy in life

Eh, wait, that is wrong too. What i really meant is that
girls in MALAYSIA really have it easy in life.

I think that is sufficient enough to not expect a court action accusing me of sexual discrimination.

Take dating for example.
Girls do not have to pay for the bills be it the restaurant bill, the movie tickets or any payment of any kind in that matter. Besides that, girls can expect the guy to pick them up and send them home after the date.
I even heard of girls who will not go out if they are expected to pay their half of the bill.
Talk about gender equality.

On the other hand, we guys have to crack our brains of where to find the money. And even if we have the money, it may not necessary be enough as mamak stall is an out of bound area for some girls.
"Aiyoh, dangerous la mamak stall. After robbers follow us how?"
And there is also the transportation problem.
You can forget about taking the girl out if you cannot find a car. And motorcycles are way out of the question. Some girls would not even touch a motorcycle.

Besides the dating problem, there is also the calling problem. Guys are also expected to do all the calling stuff and with it the cost of the calling. Even if you are using the cheapest calling plan, sooner or later it will amount to an amount that only appears on the call list of companies like Telekom.

And with the recent economy downturn, chasing a girl has never been harder. Even though gender equality has been catching up in various places, the sharing the bill part is still way left behind.

Maybe that is the reason why more and more guys are choosing to undergo sexual transplant to become a girl nowadays.

Disclaimer: All of the above posting are merely views of my own. Note that i am just merely referring to only a portion of the total female population in the world and not in general. I would welcome comments anyway and i would appreciate it if there are no swear words involved.

And for you guys who were thinking about 18++ stuff when u saw my TITLE, sorry to disappoint you. You might want to try searching GOOGLE though for stuff like these.
Try typing in SEXUAL DILEMMA into GOOGLE and see what happens



  1. lolx... 1st day u be a man ar?

  2. a bit ler... better than me nw spending double of my normal living cost.... hahaha

  3. but there is still at time girl do the least i dun like boys do the paying all the time...kinda unfair..


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