I'm Bored

I'm bored.
And when you're bored, a lot of things run through your head. Serious things like my future, the current messed up state our world is in, when the political battle in Perak will finally end and most importantly who will win American Idol.

I wonder what my friends are doing right now.
Are they just like me, stuck in front of the computer alone banging on the poor keyboard while contemplating about life? Or are they outside, having fun with other friends like watching a movie without asking me together? Or better still, are they watching American Idol right now which i could not watch because i do not have the STAR channel?

So many things in my mind and yet i'm just stuck in front of the computer.
I'm BOREEEDDD.......


Whats on my mind right now...
The sad state our world is in

The Perak crisis
And the results for American Idol!



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