i went, i saw and i went "HUH?"

Just came back from Penang today after attending the NUS welcome session.

Went together with a friend, a school friend, that is, well..... a female school friend and why the heck am i being so hesitant?

Okay, so i went to Penang, with a school friend who happens to be a girl, and her name is Yuh Luan whom you might know if you're a Form 6 student in St Michael's during 2007 and 2008 and i am guessing that you are pretty dumbstruck too on why did i went with her considering that almost all of my conversation exchanges with her in school only consists of "Hi!"s, "Bye!"s and some occasional smiles.

Well, like our well loved Form 6 Moderator Mr Karu once said, when you're in the same boat in a foreign land
- in this case, the boat is a bus and the foreign land is Penang
(where EVERYONE speaks HOKKIEN except you) -
even your arch enemy in Form 6 could be your friend, what more someone whom you trade smiles with occasionally at school.

And i do not have much of a choice either since most of my buddies are MIA (Missing In Action) and my parents is lazy, actually no time, to fetch me to Penang for 2 hours then come back again.

Apart of that, the trip was quite okay, got a lot of information that i need, which includes the sad realization that i am not eligible for the scholarship, which i secretly hope to get through some God given miracle but well, even God can't help me when my CGPA is only 3.5 whereas my friend who has 4.0 CGPA is also unable to obtain the scholarship.

Enough of SAD news i guess, since my blog is so devoid of pictures, i'll let the pictures do most of the talking this time. Enjoy!


Baggages Before the trip

Baggages after the trip
(If you're wondering about the Teddy Bear, i had to be the courier guy for my dear buddy Jimmy's girlfriend to help her transport the gifts to him who is taying in Ipoh... and the gifts are not light you know, ask Yuh Luan)


Woo, BIG ship!

Hi, another ferry!

Inside the ferry


KOMTAR Building

NUS is so "High Class" til they have their own sweets


Anyone want a cigar for RM 119 each?



And the dog which is very much in love with my feet...



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