EMO... again

Its 1.37 am now and though i still have work tommorow, i'm felt like writing this blog.
Feeling kinda in the dumps right now after returning from a pub (Voodoo) with Yee Kheng.

This few days have been like a roller coaster ride for me.
The MLM offers (Multi Level Marketting which basically means Amway, Sunrider and the latest one in Malaysia, Island Red Cafe), uncertainty about my future, my not-so-good state of spirituality and not to mention my trip to the pub just now.

A lot have been going in my mind recently and sad to say, i myself also could not understand what am i so frustrated about. Frustrating right?

Have you ever heard of Christianity? Or even Jesus?
I'm sure you have at some point in your life, well, unless you're a Malay living in Malaysia, then i might suggest you not to continue as you might get me ended up in jail.

But that apart, i bet you have come across some Christian friends that will constantly ask you to go church and believe in Jesus before, right?
Because i happen to be one of the people to always begs you to try going to church.

The experience with MLM this few days had made me realized something and i'm not talking about money or my willingness to join Amway etc etc (sorry, dear Amway members).

Have you ever noticed how similar is MLM and Christian organisations nowadays?

Both wants to attract more members to join and believe, and both implies that if you want to have a good life, you have to join them.

Christians: With Jesus, you can have lots of money as long as you believe!
MLM: With Amway, you can have lots of money as long as you believe!

There are also lots of other similarities between MLM and Christians nowadays. Both wants you to believe that in order to succeed, you have to be part of them. They both have cell groups, house meetings which want them to further believe that they are the best.

They look down on other people who are not a part of them and both of them want to sell something, Christians wanting to sell Jesus while MLM products, which they believe that you can use it as a TOOL to succeed in life.

But as Christians, is our true purpose to sell Jesus like a health product?
That by believing in Jesus, you will always have good health?
Is He merely a tool to help us to attain fame and wealth?

What makes us different?

I think it our haste to spread the gospel, we have totally ignored the most important aspect,

Jesus did not come to the Earth to make us rich nor to offer himself as a vitamin supplement nor as a get rich quick scheme.

He is offering HIMSELF, not money, not fame not a handsome husband, not as a product but only HIMSELF.
By offering Himself, He is offering to fill the void in our hearts, a salvation, unconditional love and acceptance, something that each and everyone of us yearns to have.

We might not become rich after believing in Him, but what is money to compare for the sense of belonging, the love that we are to receive?



  1. 1 thing you got it wrong. We don't look down on people who are not Christians =)

  2. got 'scouted' by an MLM. i turned it down too. after i went home to read abt it. thank god for internet! =)

    anw, i was looking thru your blog, its entertaining i like what you write.

    I am not Christian, but it is good that you know the difference between Amway and Jesus.

    but nice analogy ah Luke :)


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