I need to clarify something.
I can't understand why Jia Yee (my ex) is the first person that comes to your mind when i made that post about girls that treat their boyfriend as ATM Machines. The girl that i meant was her:-

Paris Hilton

Okay, it is not her. But what i meant was girls that act like her, who thinks that they are born to be pampered like they are the only girl on the Earth.

So I would appreciate it if you would not go in front of Jia Yee and go like,
"Wah Jia Yee, you know that your stupid ex Phang Cher Hong made a post about you? He say ah, you very like to use his money oh! You noe ah, you noe ah?"

And Jia Yee in turn will take an AK 47 and hunt me down. To make matters worse, she does not read blogs, well, at least my blog.

Of course, i would not also be that blur to blog about bad things regarding Jia Yee when i know she have many informers lying around ready to tell her anything nasty that may have escaped my mouth.

I was just venting my anger like always at my blog when i'm not happy with things. And particularly on that day when i heard about a friend of mine says that she's going to university just to fish. To fish not for a degree that is, but for guys studying for medicine, engineering or any high paying course.

Thats not all, she had already spent 2 years fishing at a university and when she failed, she gave up on that course and returned to her hometown. After 1 year doing nothing, she's off to start anew at her fishing course again.

So good right?
Spending your parents hard earned money, at university, not fighting for a better future for yourself but instead scouting for a potential wealthy husband. Ok, maybe she's fighting for her future because with a good husband, you do not have to worry about anything, well, other than a divorce or and affair.

Girls today have it so easy



  1. u might not noe hu am i..
    but ur post is rili..

  2. LOL connie i noe who r u, u added me in FB, and why whoa?
    And thanks Ban for the comment lol

  3. erm..
    i whoa..
    coz more or less..
    ur post rili mean stg..
    i duno hw 2 say it..
    but i like ur blog..
    nice.. =)


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