Have you ever heard of Amway before?

If you have not, i am pretty sure you will at least come across an Amway member begging you to join their network at least once in your life, that is if you are lucky, of course.

And even only one Amway member could drive you up the wall by their numerous requests to join their network, and after you join their network, there would be ensuing meetings, cell groups or motivation classes at least once a month to keep you committed and busy for everything except Amway.

However, I must admit that Amway's products are innovative and good for consumers but it is how Amway works to attract people to secure it sales that irk me

I will not go into details about Amway's history and all but if you are invited into Amway, do not be fooled by its sweet talks about the money that you can gain by being an Amway's member.

These are some rough facts about Amway that i have found out through some researching and friends:

  • You need to sell products which makes no different from being a sundry shop owner except you do not own a shop but do take note that only selling products do not make you rich. You need to find victims, ops, downlines and make them sell products. And that is where your money come from. Part of their profit from selling product will be channeled to you, which means you can earn money without working and that is why Amway people desperately want you to be their downline.

  • After you have become an Amway member, you will have to attend compulsory seminars, house meetings etc etc at least once a week to so call "follow up" and "familiarize" yourself with products. Which in my opnion, translate to less time being spent with non-Amway friends and church. And do take note, not all seminars are free, in fact, most of them requires you to pay.

  • You might end up being hated by friends if the only topic that you constantly talk about is asking them to join Amway. I've seen a few people lose friends and had broken relationships with family because of Amway.

  • There are a lots more that i can harp on the disadvantages of Amway, but well, i do not want to continue in case that they sue me.

    But just a piece of advice, when participating in anything, do remember that


    If you feel that something is too good to be true, then it is. Use common sense whenever you are faced with such offers.

    And if you need more info, here are a few useful links you can see:-

    Disclaimer: The above post are merely opinions on my own and do not reflect all of Amway in particular. However, i felt that there is a need for people like you and me to hear the other part of the story because on i think that we need to weight all the pros and con - which in this case, the cons rarely get shown - before we jump into a decision. I'm not saying that you will not succeed with Amway, but ask yourself, how many really does out of the million of members they have worldwide?

    I also need to clarify that there are still good Amway members out there who really want their friends to succeed because of Amway, but from my experience, most of the people who ask me to join Amway is because of their own self interest. 1 more member, more money!


    1. Now I know why you're all so worked'up about the editor in Wordpress. I'll try and get you a nice and shiny editor for you in Wordpress...heehee

    2. Thanks for your honest opinion on the Amway bidnez. Surprised that the Amway apologist IBOFightback hasn't been around to 'set you straight' just yet? Too bad that good--well meaning--people get caught up in this affair where one must jump through many Amway hoops in pursuit of the Amway 'fools gold'.

    3. IBOfightback is a well known liar who promotes Amway. He will lie about anything to make Amway look good.


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