W00Ts~! Award?

Woohoo, i got a blogger award from Kam Wah! It has been a while since i .. *sobs*.. received any award.. *sniffs*.. in fact... *sobs*.. i never received any awards in my life! *Sniffs*.. so i would like to thank my.. *snorts*.. parents, friends, Kam Wah and most importantly.. *sobs*.. MYSELF for winning this prestigious award.

Ok, all the sarcasms, aside, i did not think i would get this award as i have not updated my blog for quite a long time. If you look closely, you could see cobwebs hanging at the background and mould growing on the posts. Maybe the award that i won is under the category of the
Most Antique B
log award.

So, what am i up to now?

Well, basically i'm still working as a Telemarketer and also as a salesman for Aircom.
I sell Discounted Call Rates for fixed lines to companies, P1 WiMAX internet services and lately also insurance premiums.

At the current rate now, looks like i'm all set to become a professional salesperson.

That's roughly about my working life now, and i could say that being a salesperson is not entirely bad. People may loathe you but not all are. Most would be polite and you'll be amazed by how many people you can meet by being a salesperson and meeting new people can have its benefits too as you have more oppurtunity at life with more relationships you forge.

Guess thats about all for now, have to go back my job and continue my search for my next customer.


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