Thank you Susan Boyle and Paul Blart!

"Do Not Judge A Book By It's Cover"

How often have we heard that? I'm sure most of us will hear this same phrase again and again for maybe a few million times in the entire course of our life. But who will actually put it into practice, who will actually look into a person which appearances may not fall into the attractive category and accept or appreciate them for who they are?

Look at this woman. You may know her given all the publicity that she has received over this few days but for all of you who don't, what is her first impression towards you?

What if I were to tell you that this woman, who's name is Susan Boyle by the way, were to participate in a talent show and sing? She's 47, unemployed and never been married. Would you think that she has talent or would you dismiss her as another person who is dreaming the impossible, who will sound like a frog and embarrass herself once she open her mouth?

Well, i think you should watch this video first before you start writing her off.

Impressing isn't it?

I hope you would be inspired by the video too and like me, see yourself in her. Here is someone who is looked down and laughed by society, unappreciated but yet has such a wonderful voice and a will so strong to pursue her dreams no matter what happens.

And maybe that is why she has now millions of fans all around the world since her video debuted on Youtube.

Through her, we can see ourselves. How we are often splashed with cold water when we have a fiery passion to chase after our ambitions and our dreams just like how the audience laughed and sneered when she first walked unto the stage.

She has really taught me a BIG lesson by the way. I learned that each and everyone of us living in this world are special in our very own way.
Look at Susan, if she can succeed, why not us? She must have gone through a lot of negative things in her life but yet she did not give up and even kept on soldiering on to finally achieve what she has always wanted.

Failure is not the opposite of success, giving up is.

I hope the video cheered you up and made your day brighter because it definitely did for me. And starting from today, i think i must learn to stop judging people by how they look because who are we anyway to judge?

And if that video is not enough, i would recommend you watching 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' as a follow up. The movie is also about not giving up when other people view you in a negative light.

Moral of the story, CHEER UP and Be Yourself! God made you this way and surely He has a reason for designing you like this. Most importantly you have to start appreciating yourself before others can appreciate you.

And by the way, the first one to appreciate you is me because you took the time to drop by my blog! Thanks!



  1. Hi, I came by your blog through YouthMedia. It looks cool, and you seemed like an awesome and interesting dude.

    Just to let you know that there is a mistake in the blog address you entered into YouthMedia - at first it brought me to Christian/Bible site. Your blog url was ( I noticed the mistake and then came to the your actual blog.

    Cheers dude.


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