Money Matters

I got an offer from NUS, i thought i could be happy as this is an offer of a lifetime but it turns out the happy situation are always cut short when reality hits.
After i studied everything which includes NUS website and the guide they sent me, i found a very big problem which is....
$$ MONEY $$

Turns out studying in NUS will suck my parents savings clean. To make matters worse, i found out that i am late by a whole month to apply for any financial aid from NUS.
A whole month!

And to change things from worse to even worst, if i cannot get any sort of financial aid, i could say bye bye to going to NUS.
Though it may be an offer of a lifetime, i have no choice but to let it go if i really could not get a loan.

I really envy those people that are born into wealthy families which have a lot of cash for them and they can basically go anywhere due to the huge amount of cash they have at their disposal even though they may have shitty results.
They do not have to work hard and yet even get to enjoy everything which some of us have to work so hard to get it.

And the talk about MONEY is not everything is just hogwash.

I've sent an email to NUS requesting for help, but i cannot know the answer til Monday.
Guess all that i am left to do is pray, and very hard too.


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