Work is soooo BORING

How i really wish that God would expand the hours in one day to about 50 hours. Or at least design us so that we do not have to sleep. Not that i'm complaining but it seems like 24 hours a day seems very little for someone like me.

You see, i have to work, then serve (Church work), eat and not forgetting sleep until i'm all swamped up. Life is getting pretty bored and mundane for me as time for me to chill and relax seem so little. And even if i do have the time, my friends would be busy. Life seems pretty unfair right?

If this is the taste of working life after university, i can imagine why so many people are lifeless already. Maybe that is why teachers always ask us to study something we love and pastors ask us to have a goal in life.

If you're just working for the money, the process during working can really get into your nerves. Every month is spent waiting for it to end.

Gosh, i really would not want a life like that.


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