STPM Results

Ok first of all, this post is gonna be plain and simple. Don't ask me why, it because i have no mood for any decorations now.

For all of you who are dying to compare my STPM results with yours or hoping to know how my results suck (okay, also not forgetting those who genuinely care, but how many does?), here it is.

I got 1A (Computing), 1A- (PA), 1B+ (Chemistry) and 1B (Maths T). A result that i'm entiresly proud of but not entirely ashamed of either. Some of you might be happy, some of you might be disppointed, but as for me, although i'm pretty disappointed, i can't complain much, i just reap what i sow.

As for what are my plans now, well, i'll of course i'll try my luck with local U and God willing, i'll get a course that i am interested in.


I would also like to comment on the movie Watchmen.

Unless you are a nuclear physicist or a philosopher pondering on life, and you do not believe in God, do not watch this movie.

This movie tends to make a mockery of the human life, trying to explore the questions regarding human life in a mundane yet boring manner.

The climax do not even seem like a climax and for 2 hour plus for this movie, almost 2 hours are spent figuring what is this movie about. And even when the movie reached the climax, you could feel the person next to you sleeping because of pure boredom.

The only consolation from this movie are the few hot secenes which unfortunately got censored because this is Malaysia and the bottomline is the movie suck. I hate it.

I wanted something entertaining for a movie and the result that i got is questions and boredom. And the questions are not even related to the movie. Its more to like what am i having for dinner later.


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