Back, my wife is finally Back!

After painstakingly waiting for God knows know how long, finally my wife (computer, if you could not understand) is back from repairs!

Finally i could get to go online from the comfort of home again and i don't need to sneak online during work time again. Sorry if you're wondering why i have not update my blog in ages but as i can see see it, no one bothered asking T.T

Watched the movie Love Matters recently, and if you guys have not see it, u better watch it. Its a pretty nice movie til there are Malays who watched the movie together though it is in Chinese.I would recommend the movie for those who have a quite liberal thinking about sex and marriage, as this movie aim to tackle these issues from a funny way.

The story revolves around a married man, a bachelor who likes to flirt and a schoolboy who is just starting to get involve into these love and lust matters.

Its a Malaysian movie, and you would be able to understand quite easily what is being shown in the movie and when i watched it, the whole cinema practically shook with laughter. The movie has touching moments also when the schoolboy is tricked into dancing nude by his friends and the man having to face the consequences of having an affair outside with a teenage girl.

Enough said, this movie is definitely worth the money. If you guys want someone to accompany, i would not mind watching it again. And by the way, this movie is by Jack Neo, the person behind movies like I'm Not Stupid and AH Long Private Limited. So MUST WATCH!


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