Valentines Day, Chinese Version!

I have just finished watching the movie Yes Man just recently and i've also read an article about the real Yes Man from Reader's Digest. One thing that both the movie and article stressed about is saying YES to everything.

Which is what i did when one of my classmates (Pow Ling) asked me if i am interested in joining a few of my classmates (Goh Tze Zuan, Hoong Kee, Soon Li, Chor Yin, Chia Wen, Jia Yee, Cheng Hao) on a trip to Guan Yin Temple for the Chinese Valentines or Chap Goh Mei if i am not mistaken.

I know some of you might be quite surprised because i'm a Christian and well, temples isn't a very suitable place to go.

But since i made the promise to say Yes so i guess i do not have any other excuses of not to go. Besides, i also wanted to experience something that is completely new.

Well, the highlight of our trip was the throwing oranges ceremony as i call it where single girls write their name, age and contact number on a mandarin orange and throw it in to the "river" hoping that a prince in white riding a white horse would be lucky enough to pick their oranges and contact them and maybe who knows, a happily ever after ending perhaps.

But those things only exist in dreams. As far as i am concern, girls who are pretty and good have no need to waste so much time wrting all their details on a poor piece of orange (some girls even resort to writing a whole box) and handsome and well-to-do guys have no need to waste energy squatting beside the river choosing over which oranges that they think will lead them to the supermodel woman of their dreams.

Forgive me for being so cynical, but from what that i see, by the end of the night, i think there would not be more than 10 people who will end up being happily ever from the thousands of oranges thrown. Sigh, some people would just go to great lengths just to find a boyfriend/ girfriend.

I wonder how many are there who are really doing it for the sake of true love and not just a temporary fling.

Here are some pictures that i took from that night (click on it for a better view):



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