Going nut...

1.30 am in the night (or morning) is a good time to be depressed because that is exactly what am i doing now. Yeah, i understand that my blog is not a good place to pour my feelings out but i'm not a person that fancies a diary and i do not know whom can i turn to to share my depressed feelings so i guess letting some of the negative aura out in my blog will have to do.

Sigh, i just hate the fact that we humans are created in a way that we need love to survive.
Throw a man to live alone on an island for 10 years and surely he go nuts. (Robinson Crusoe's story is fake, FIY)

Thankfully i'm still quite human and have not change into a nut yet, but well, my situation is not quite good either considering i have to make an average of 10 calls every time i feel like going out. Be it a mamak outing or to watch a movie. Ask my friends and you will know.

Maybe its my looks or my attitude, i just don't know. I pretty suck at making friends that last. I just hope that sooner or later someone would be kind enough to stand up, take a machine gun and starts shooting away or i might end up commiting suicide. Just joking about the suicide part, serious about the rest.

Sigh, or maybe i'm just too sensitive.



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