First and foremost, just want to say thanks for those who showed their concern about my last post. I thought of taking it down at first because like my blog name suggests, it is just rantings that do not make sense.

But since there are few people who replied, well, i could leave it up there and see what happens. Don't worry about me actually, i'm ok and still very much alive. Its just that its the time of month again when emotions go spiraling out of control. Yeah, even guys have periods. XD

Well, back to the main topic. Tagged again by Ginn Yi and this is going to be the toughest tag ever as it involves photo. I seldom take photos (prefer to remain mysterious XD), and uploading it to the computer is even more difficult because my phone cable is spoiled.

Well, for the time being, i have to adapt with what i have inside my computer.


A picture of you in The Most Unique Environment.

Taken with ASOD friends at a waterfall

A picture of you at A Place You Dislike
Who goes to places that they hate and for the sake of takeing pictures there?

Pictures of People Who Mean A Lot To You.
Youth Friends

Since Ginn Yi included me in his most important people list (paiseh), i decided to give him a special place in my blog too XD

My 2 Best buddies since young

My school friends
There are others too that i would like to include here, but i'm just too lazy to upload all of them or it would take forever to load. So, this have to do for now. Sorry

A picture of you with Your Best Smile (Mouth Opened).
Can see teeth means mouth is opened. XD

A picture of you with Your Best Smile (Mouth Closed).The most handsome photo i ever took, but that doesn't mean i don't look handsome in others

A picture of you with The Lamest Pose.
Somehow the 3 of us ended in some snowy mountain

A picture of you with Some Cute Toy Stuff.
You can't see me because i'm hiding behind the teddy bear


Fuh, i guess that is all for this time's tag.

Looking at my blog, i seriously think that if i charge money for each tag that i do, i'd be rich by now. LOL, and maybe that is the reason some people might hate me.


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