Down With Dirty Politics

I hate politics. I hate politicians who do not think of the people who elected them into power but instead opt for their own good and selfishness.

If you are a Perakian (a person who is living in Perak) and has been following the news for the past few days, you would have know about the storm brewing over Perak's government for the past few days.

I seldom post about politics, but i can't help it after reading about how BN wrested control of our state government, you really cannot help but feel cheated and disappointed with the people whom we elected because we trusted them to uphold the rights of the people, not the importance of themselves.

It is about 1 am now, February 6th, and the latest update from still states that there are many people still gathered outside the MB residence.

Well, from my point of view, both BN and Pakatan Rakyat has its wrong and rights.

Pakatan should not have started the party hopping ball rolling. When it did that, it should have been prepared that the other side might follow suit. If it had stood still with its principles against party hopping, it could have had a bigger say and a bigger influence when 3 people decided to leave.

BN, on the other hand, should not have used Pakatan's tricks and strategy if you have from the start opposed party hopping. Besides, who would really believe that 3 people from Pakatan (2 which is under investigation for corruption charges) would suddenly cross over automatically under Najib. After losing 2 by-elections, it's pretty obvious that you're up to no good when you suddenly show up in Perak with the 3 defectors.

And all the bullshit about following laws. According to the law, the state assembly must be dissolved first before you could take power. What happened to the following law principle?
All are just empty talk to convince the people only, how long does BN expect to stay in power if they do not keep their word?

No matter what is the outcome, i can say that i'm pretty disappointed with politics now because the politicians have only power and money in their mind now only. Not many that still remember that a politician's job is to serve the people and not yourself.

I sure hope all Perak-ians would unite and demand an outcome that will benefit the people from this incident, do not let the politicians do what as they like anymore.

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