Yes, i am SINGLE

Due to the overwhelmingly responses and questions that constantly bombard me since i changed my relationship status at facebook, i decided to try to explain briefly on what happen to those of you who eargerly wants to know the latest gossip.

Please do not message, call or msn me or Jia Yee regarding about this matter after this post anymore. Both of us would want to put this behind and move on so i hope you as our friend would understand.

For those of you who did not read this blog (you probably would not be reading this also) and still ask me or either Jia Yee, well we would have the rights not to tell you anymore details. Except if you're just friends with Jia Yee and not me.

Yes i am single and i broke up with her. It is not because of anything dramatic like those reasons you would find in Hong Kong TVB dramas.
It is just because we found ourselves too different from each other and, well, to be honest, i'm also not a very good boyfriend.

But me and her still are friends for now. Normal friends, that is. She's still working at the same place with me and i still send and fecth her back from work.

I guess all this would be sufficient enough as explanation. But if you still need to know about all those smaller details, well, you could tr asking me, just hope that my mood might be good enough to explain.



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