Work Work (Think of the human peasant from Warcraft)

Today was second day of work and i'm afraid that there would be no pictures, sorry lol, because what else? I am not allowed to take pictures during work.

I'm working as a telemarketer now, the kind of job where the telephone is one of your life companion, literally. I have to call companies, some of them real big, for example companies like Mid Valley Megamall, Mediacorp Publishing and Suria KLCC just to name a few, to promote my company's business.

It's not a job for the faint hearted to be honest, but luckily, i'm getting used to it. The fact that you're speaking through the phone makes the job much easier because you do not have to see the expression of the person you're speaking too and the worst case scenario only involves the customer slamming the phone and you'll end up with buzzing in your ears.

Well, the negative things aside, the job is pretty fun actually as you get to boost your self confidence and it teaches you how to speak effectively.

Oh not forgetting, to those of you who simply cannot stand telemarketers, please think from our shoes. Not all of us enjoy talking on the phone 24/7 and we have emotions too. If you really want to slam our phones, at least slam it gently after giving us maybe 10 seconds to talk. LOL

In conclusion (waiseh, sound like writing an essay), this job is much better than my previous jobs working in customer services like being a waiter. At least i have normal working hours with a few hours of personal time to spare and the best part is holidays during CNY!



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