People just love tagging me T.T

I'm tagged, tagged and tagged again.

Actually it's just one tag, but it feels like a lot to me. It's not that i hate the person who tagged me
(Kam Wah), it's not his fault actually because i also tagged him once.

The person whom i hold grudges against the the idiot who invented the tag. Okay, maybe the person is not an idiot. He/she is pretty smart actually. Smart in a way that he/she managed to leave a LEGACY in And not to mention wasting the heck of our time.

Who actually reads tags anyway unless they're close to you? Strangers would not be interested about whom you ate strawberries with, in fact, i'm sure no many of your friends do either unless they are involved in the strawberry eating festival with you.

And that is why i'm gonna just mess up this tag just the same way i messed up with Ginn Yi's. (Did i get the name right this time? LOL, but Ginn Yee do sound nice XD)

1. Do you think you're hot ??
Human's Body temperature is 37 Celcius, is that considered hot?

2.Upload your favourite picture
(i deleted "of you" by purpose,in fact, i do everything with a purpose)

3.Why do you like that picture?
Because not everyone could wear a red underwear outside and save the world at the same time. And not everyone can wear a read underwear on the outside and have girls admiring their fashion sense.

4.When was the last time you ate pizza?
Why pizzas? Why not strawberries? Sorry, i'm just a rebelious kid.

5.The last song you listened to
A drama theme song which i do not know what name is that. I've been watching drama just now, that's why

6.What are you thinking besides this?
THAT, because opposite of this is that

7.What name you prefer besides yours?
Superman, Strawberryman sounds nice too

People to tag :-
a.) Tan Ginn Yi Yee
b.) My cat this time.. standard answer is *Meow*
c.) Zzzz Yee Kheng is tagged again =.=
d.) Hmm, Aaron Oo would be nice XD

8.Who is (a)
Since Kam Wah used the term homosapiens, i think i'll use the the homosexual

9.(c) having relationship with ?
Aha, i'm gonna answer this seriously for the 1st time, ahem, the name starts with "J"!
(The full name could not be revealed due to existing privacy laws in Malaysia, but i guess u all would know la)

10.Say something about (b)

11.What about (d)?
Someone that thinks that chicken would cross the roads for chick, refer to for details


Guess thats it for this time, this tag kinda sucks because it doesn't allow much creativity so to all my fans, SoRRy! Sorry if i disappointed you! (perasan-ing)

Oh and talking about chickens crossing the road, i can't manage to answer the question in full in Kam Wah's blog so i'm gonna do it here.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Because everytime it crosses a road, hordes of people will pay attention. Heck, even Superman also doesn't get as much attention as the chicken when he crosses the road.



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