Ouch.. tagged

Tagged. And Ginn Yee wants to see me mess this all up and to mess this all up, well, i have to let you guys know a secret.

I'm actually a Superhero! And being a Superhero, well, you get to know other Superheroes too, not to mention a few famous people whom i saved along the way. *Winks*

So here goes.

Name 15 closest people to you (including the person who tagged you if you think he/she is close to you) :

In random order and just listing whoever comes to my mind okay. Not necessarily close.

A: Peter Parker aka Spiderman
B: Clark Kent aka Superman
C: Tony Stark aka Ironman
D: Bruce Wayne aka Batman
E: Hairi aka Cicakman (i'm from Malaysia, of course i will get to know our own Buatan Malaysia's Superhero)
F: George Bush (I once saved him, you know)
G: Sue Storm, the girl who can go invisible in Fantastic Four
H: Storm, the girl who can control storms in X-men
I: Wolverine
J: Dragonflyman (Did not bother to get his real name, all he does is just bang into walls)

Oh and of course, i have my share of normal people i'm close to too, i don't live a Superhero life 24/7, you know.

K: My Dad
L: My Mum
M: My girlfriend, Jia Yee
N: My dog (can this be considered a person? cause he talks)
O: Oh and not forgetting my dear friend who tagged me, Mr Tan Ginn Yi

1. What is L's full name? [My Mum]
Yap Yin Kwan

2. What is your relationship with H? [Storm]
Fellow superhero, oh, and she has a crush on me, if you must know

3. What type of person is A? [Spiderman]
A person who freaks out every time i kill a spider =.=

4. How did you got to know B? [Superman]
We helped to kill Godzilla when it visited Ipoh a while back then (You'll understand if you always read my blog *winks*)

5.What does D wants to be when he grows up? [Batman]
Erm, He's already a grown up?

6. Is it possible for F and K to be married in the future? [George Bush and My Dad]
The last thing i want is George Bush being my mother after Obama steps up

7. Who is M's favourite actor or actress? [My girlfriend, Jia Yee]
Hmm, she certainly likes me acting XD

8. Does I have a boyfriend/girlfriend? [Wolverine]
*Please refer to Marvel Comics to catch up on the latest Gossip about him*

9. How is C's family background? [Ironman]
His whole family runs the arms business or so what the movie says

10. Have you kissed N before? [My Dog]
Nope, but i did kissed the person on top of N before XD

11. What is E's favorite drama? [Cicakman]
Documentaries about lizards, i guess

12. Did J ever make you angry before? [Dragonflyman]
Go watch the movie, i bet even you'll be angry at him, or maybe just annoyed, i dunno

13. What is G's occupation? [Sue Storm]
All these questions are common knowledge please, everyone knows she's now working as a Superhero in a team called Fantastic Four

14. Is O a funny person and did she ever make you laugh before? [Mr Ginn Yi]
Ermmmm... erm.... erm.... erm....

15. Is B pretty/handsome? [Superman]
You have girls swooning over him since the 1960s when his first movie came out, do i still have to answer that?

16. What is your saddest moment together with J? [Dragonflyman]
Not him again. Yeah, when he broke the walls of my house

17. Will C and L make a great couple? [Ironman and My Mum]
If they do, K will beat C up and I will beat C up too, who cares if he's Ironman

18. Is A clever or stupid? [Spiderman]
Erm... kinda. He loves to get bitten by spiders

19. Does K hate N? [My dad and My dog]
Only when N pees inside the house

20. Does E have any secret admirers? [Cicakman]
Tons of them, he even have a second movie out. I just could not understand why people would pick a lizard over me T.T

21. Did you argue with F before? [George Bush]
I did told him invading another country would be a stupid idea...

22. Who is M's favourite singer?[Jia Yee]

23. What are the happiest moments that you shared with I? [Wolverine]
When we both peep at H bathing (It's not my fault really, I is the guy who gave the idea!)

24. Who is O's best friend? [Ginn Yi]
He got tons of them, well, you can't blame him really, small kids do tend to befriend anyone

You must tag at least 3 people after you have finished answering all the questions.
1. My Dog (his standard answer: " woof ")
2.Suk Wai
3.Kam Wah

P/S: I HATE U GINN YI, You forced me to expose my secret T.T
And how dare you tag Yee Kheng before i do

Btw, i'm just joking bout the hate you part, i do love you actually, just that i can't get the chance to say it out loud in this tag



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