Fed up of Streamyx?

Tired of the poor Streamyx speed and lags? Fed up with the poor services?

I'm sure you are because i do too. SO much for 100 mbps speed when actually what you are getting is not even 10% of it.
But what can we do? If we do not use Streamyx, what -myx can we turn to?


Come this March, a completely new technology is coming to Ipoh as our long awaited answer and its name is called Wimax!

Most of you would not know or maybe just heard a little about it before but Wimax is a name for wireless broadband technology that is relatively quite new in Malaysia. Only KL, Penang and other big cities are currently enjoying this service now, and currently the company that offers this service, P1, is deciding whther to branch in into Ipoh.

So peeps, if you are looking for another option besides Streamyx, i sincerely suggest using P1 Wimax. I would not be telling about the rates and speed because it would take an awfully long time, so i will recommend that you go to their website (click on the image below) to find out more.

Oh, and if you think that Wimax is good, you have to vote for your area to be included into their service area. So start voting!


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