God created many wonderful things for us in this life, and i think one of it would certainly be Dgi's Super SMS Plan. For only 50 cent a day, it can allow you to send unlimited number of SMSes to other 016 numbers. Pretty cool right?

Thanks to the plan, i could SMS non-stop this CNY which you normally have to every festive season, wishing friends, making plans of going where to hunt angpaus and keeping myself updated with the latest CNY gossips from friends. According to my phone's SMS counter, i have already sent an approximate 1500++ SMS just for this CNY. Fuh, imagine how much the bill would be like at 7 cent per SMS just for DIGI numbers.

And suprisingly, there is no lag in the network this year, i think DIGI has certainly done some upgrading, so well, i guess i have to thank the DIGI Yellowman for doing a job well done this CNY. Thanks!

p/s: LOL, seems like my blog is turning more and more into a promotional blog. Seriously, you can't blame me when i have alomost nothing to update about because believe it or not, i have not even took a picture for the whole CNY because my phone memory is busted. So i guess you guys have to endure this for now 1st.

But i promise you that the next post would not be another advertisement anymore. Well, unless that DIGI or Wimax decides to pay me some royalty for helping them advertise.



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