Hoping for a miracle to take me away...

The talk about beauty is only skin deep and what is inside that matters are just excuses thought up by some to just feel better when they are compared to those who are gorgeous. If given a chance, everyone would want to have a face that that could make passerby drools when they look at you.
Who cares if you have a brain like Albert Einstein when you look like your aunt's bulldog. The most you could get is maybe just one Nobel prize for all your hard work. The people who have fans swooning over them 24-7 usually do not have a proper functioning brain if you come to think of it, take Paris Hilton for example.

Yeah, i know that too much fame could do your no good in the long run, but to be honest, who does not want to be famous? Who does not want people to adore them, to accept and to go nuts over them everyday? The need to be accepted is embedded in our soul, and the fastest way is through fame. That is why talent competition are quite a hit because it provides the shortcut to it.

And sad to say, i'm also a person who desperately wants to be popular. I envy those who are popular by birth, those with good looks for example, or an attitude that kills. I envy them because i have none of these qualities. The only quality that is good about me is background quality, which means i'm most suited to just stay in the background type of person.

Many things have been taking place lately, so please forgive me if i confused or offended you in any way through my post up there. I just think that sometimes it is just unfair for people to get left out, people to go unnoticed while others basked in the limelight when all of us should be equal.

What makes me better than you?
What makes the person next door more superior?

Sigh maybe all these things are the side effects left behind when we human decided that we do not need God in life. Who knows? And who cares?



  1. u noe smtg, i stil prefer a person who's being admired by his personalities/ characters not just by good looks. so wat u got a face like brad pitt or hueva species wen u dun haf a beautiful heart? good looks wil lose its limelight whereas hearts star permanently. haha. duno wat m tokin, but u get my point?
    all in all.. no matter wat, ur stil a MONKIE! HAHAHAHAHAHA =p


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